The Power of One recognizes ordinary people who make personal lifestyle choices for the planet.  Nominate your friend, co-worker or relative for their eco-friendly acts.  The nomination process is open-ended. No good deed is too small. If chosen, both you and your Power of One nominee will receive a week's supply (7) of PeopleTowels. 

Send us your nomination by video (more fun!) or email with a picture to  Please include:
    • The person's name
    • Why he/she deserves The Power of One award
    • Your relationship to the person, such as friend or family.     
Think it doesn’t matter…think again. Here’s the difference one person can make just by giving up paper towels when they are on-the-go.


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"I could definitely see people getting into the collectors aspect of it because the designs are really cute."
---Leah, college student, Orinda, CA
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