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Peace, Love & PeopleTowels
This retro-inspired three towel set proves you know what keepss the world going 'round.

Measures 9" x 9" inches per towel
Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Certified Fair Trade
Patent-pending light weight fabric is highly absorbent & fast drying
Features a cloth loop on the back of the top right corner for easy attaching
Eco Friendly, low impact dyes
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For the Love of Earth
Our love for this planet is so strong; we couldn’t help but say it again…and again…and again (9"x9").
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For the Love of Earth
5 Ways to Show You Care
Go retro with this five-towel set that shows you've got alotta love for this world (9"x9"each).
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5 Ways to Show You Care

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"I treat them like single use towels that are destined for the laundry after each use. (After drying my hands, I use the towel whether paper or cloth to open the restroom door)."
---Suzanne, commercial real estate executive, mother of toddler, LA, CA
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