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Save The Trees
It’s no secret that PeopleTowels are 100% treeless. They’re PeopleTowels, not paper towels.

Measures 9x9 inches
Made from 100% Certified Organic Cotton
Certified Fair Trade
Patent-pending light weight fabric is highly absorbent & fast drying
Features a cloth loop on the back of the top right corner for easy attaching
Eco Friendly, low impact dyes

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Five Ways to Say It
Five PeopleTowels to show what you're all about - saving trees and spreading love (9"x9"each).
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Five Ways to Say It
Eco Sack
This hand sack for carrying your PeopleTowels is made from 100% organic canvas (6"x6").
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Eco Sack - Blue

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""Not only are these totally adorable, they make a great statement and have already been successful at raising awareness of unnecessary waste in my workplace, simply by my using them. My boss finds it inspiring! PeopleTowels are not only a great way to reduce the use of paper towels, but they promote environmental consciousness! What a great product you make! I want to send a big thank-you to you for going out of your way to ship this order to me in Canada!""
---Katie, E-Commerce Manager, Ontario, Canada
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