Submitting a design to the Grab a Towel & Eat Local is easy if you follow a few simple guidelines.  If you’re not familiar with PeopleTowels, these reusable, personal hand towels are made from 100% organic cotton, smooth on the printed side and somewhat textured on the plain side. 
Here are a few guidelines to get you started: 
·       First - Read the Design Contest Rules.  This is really important!
·       PeopleTowels are pocket-size, 9”X9”.  The “live area” is 7.5”x7.5”.  That means all aspects of the design must fit in this area. 
·       Designs are screen printed.  Photographs can’t be screen printed and will be rejected.  Simpler designs print better.  Please note the background color is white.
·       Maximum of 4 spot colors.
·       To enter you will need to create 2 files (.jpg, .png, or .gif)
§ 1.) a thumbnail file: 200 x 200 pixels in RGB color at 72 dpi
§ 2.) a detailed view: 456 x 432 pixels in RGB color at 72 dpi.
·       File naming must include the name of the design, the first initial and last name of the designer, and V1 for the thumbnail and V2 for the detailed view.
·       If your design is a winner, a file of at least 300 dpi will be needed for printing.
·       Your design must be an original work, no photography, and cannot include any copyrighted elements (no logos, slogans, or art in use.) You cannot use the name of PeopleTowels or Whole Foods Market in your design.

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""Not only are these totally adorable, they make a great statement and have already been successful at raising awareness of unnecessary waste in my workplace, simply by my using them. My boss finds it inspiring! PeopleTowels are not only a great way to reduce the use of paper towels, but they promote environmental consciousness! What a great product you make! I want to send a big thank-you to you for going out of your way to ship this order to me in Canada!""
---Katie, E-Commerce Manager, Ontario, Canada
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